Monday, January 14, 2013

Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara, Kenya... July 2012

Masai school
Dekya w newly-made Masai friends

Masai Mara

Having box lunch under a tree in Masai Mara. What could not be seen was our driver/guide on the lookout for hungry predators!!

Semua lapar maggie...

Cuba cari Danial??...mana dia

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Istanbul Aku Datang"

Alhamdulillah sampai hajat ke sana...
Just arrived at Grand Peninsula Hotel
Arrived 28 Dec (friday) 1:30pm. Awaiting airport pick up at Antarturk Airport. 

Weather was cold.. We managed to visit Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofea, Basalica Cistern, Topkapi Palace (including Harem)

Street near hotel

Inside Hagia Sofia

Upside down Mendusa @ Basilica Cistern

Inside The Harem, Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Gate

We also managed to go to Grand Bazaar, Egyption/Spice  bazaar, Bosphorus Cruise, Sulaymaneia Mosque, Rustam Pasha Mosque.

Bosphorus Cruise

Sulaymaneia Mosque

Spice/Egyptian Bazaar

Friday, September 21, 2012

Where have we been?

We have been away from this site for more than a year.. Busy being busy I guess. We will be back soon insyallah. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

29 Polo Air 13/57

This is where we started living on our own since Feb 2004.

We were staying with Mak & Ayah @ Kg Melayu Subang for 5 years after marriage. I bought it end of 2001 (Nov). Prior to that, I had been eyeing the empty land behind Shah Alam stadium, sandwiched between 2 group of residential areas already matured. "Bila la TTDI nak develop this area?" I used to say. Then when I got to know about the launch (at TTDI Jaya's office at Sec 13), I was determined to go. I was only 2 years with Esso (my previous employer) at that time earning as little as 5800, and already having one son (our dearest Danial) and another property at Langat Utama, Sepang (apartment) (bought in 1997 during my first year with Baharuddin Ali & Co with borrowed deposit from Mak, which investment turned out to be a bad one, albeit location being near to KLIA).

Hubby and I were at TTDI office as early as 8:30am and there were already a big crowd. We got our turn at almost mid-day! I wanted to purchase one of the few corner lots still left, but Hubby being cautious and everything, we ended up with an intermediate lot bearing address "No. 29 Jalan Polo Air 13/57".

It took TTDI 2 full years for the construction, and finally we got handover in Nov 2003. By Dec 2003, the house next door (Abang Din, Kak Zah & their daughter) was already occupied, but perhaps the only one occupied in the row. But owners / tenants quickly occupied the rests. We wanted to do small renovation..Papa wanted a pargola and a garden (if it was me, I would have just cemented the whole porch and garden area). One fine day, a petite malay young man stopped in front of our house on his kapcai and asked "Abang nak buat renovation bang..?". If it were me, I would not have entertained him as he looked barely 20, what experience would he have? I would want an experienced chinese contractor to do my my dream house..not just any inexperience young lad who sounded like he's from the eact coast! But Papa somehow trusted and like him, and invited him to come over for quotation. He then came with his sister to Mak's house. I did not have faith in him, but just went along with Papa. To cut the long story short, this young lad (named "Wan") is our favourite contractor until today... he's like a brother to Papa. And I watched with scepticism and he and his dad worked on his first task.. the pergola.

 Not bad.. not bad at all for an inexperienced malay contractor.

There are a lot of memories # 29. Aviya was born in June 2004. Abang Danial went to Vital Years and Children Playhouse. Dede went to Vital Years with Teacher Shikin & Teacher Maria fecthing her from the house starting from the age of 2.5 years bcoz Dede cld not wait to go to school). Abang Danial started going to Dzul Iman (row belakang rumah ) in 2005, then started schooling at SKS 13 in 2007, naik bas Uncle Raymond yg always penuh sesak macam sardine. Whilst living here, we had gone on holidays to Bali with NekDah, TukAbah & Acubob (2005), Kuching with Par & Family (2006), Jakarta and Bandung with Mak, Ayah & family (2007), Terengganu with Par & Family again (2008).  Bibik Rukiyah (then changed name Widia) was living with us for 6 years until she ran away back to Medan in May 2009. Then Arwah TukAbah meninggal in Nov 2008, and NekDah came and live with us several months while waiting for a new Bibik to arrive. She (Bibik Umi) came in Nov 2009 but she was the worst perangai among all our bibiks!..

Mak & Ayah, Ateh & Busu continue to be our most loyal guests all the time, came and visit us every week if not more often. Alhamdulillah... this is why I picked a house near Mak & Ayah.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Principal Award_Excellent Dede!

I must say it was indeed a pleasant surprise when Dede conveyed the news when I called home on tue (15/3). Macam tak percaya sbb Dede is so manja @ home, but deep down my heart I was praying to God that it was true. Then when I arrived home that evening, it was indeed true! The Congratulations letter is real!.. I know Dede has been praying hard , and working hard for it. I always overhead her pray "Ya Allah, dapatlah ku Principal Award...Aminnnn".

The next morning, wed (16/3) was one the happiest day in Dede's life. Ma pun proud juga.. Mr Spaan asked Dede "Are you Mom & Dad here today"? yes, Dede said. Then Mr Spaan said "Mom, are you proud of Dina's achievement"? "yes, indeed, very proud", I said (while holding a viewcam)..

My proud and cheerful maripoca... well done Dede!

Unfortunately, Papa was not there to share the joy with us.. we missed you pa!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sports day

Dina's writing
On Monday 6th March 2011 there was sports day at school. Everyone is excited accept me because ...i left my pe kit at school.So i had to wear my normal uniform luckily i found my PE kit at school. Mom helped me to change into my PE kit, then Mom had to go to work. huhu...

Then, suddenly Mom came back ! tapi masa tu we had finished all the events. We were resting while waiting for parents' events.

This is me and my best friends, Maneeze (from Pakistan) & Shahd (from Egypt).

This is me, dah penat.. sbb it was very hot. Look at my face, dah berkilat! The kids at the back are all my friends...

Mama did not wait for Abang's sports event because Mama had to work. Abang's events started later at 11:30am until 1:30pm. Dede's one was earlier i.e 8:30am - 10:30am. But Mama dah amik Abang's photo in the morning before going to school.

 Abang was very good at sports, he won Long Jump & Sprinting .

Viya's sports day was two days after. Viya insisted Ma must come and watch her take part in the sports day. Ma pun asked permission from office to come in late that day.

Viya and her best friend, Anthea (fr Jakarta / Spain) 

Book Day

Ini Yaya dgn Dede nak pegi Book Day. Ma nak bwk kitorg sbb kitorg nak tapi Abang tak mau. Ada Book Day parade at school. we have to dress as a character of our favorite book. Yaya be Jessie in Toy Story. Dede be Hannah Montana. Abang (not in pic) jadi Jacob (in Twilight). Best sgt kat situ..