Friday, September 3, 2010

Mama on Travel (yet again..)

Mama is traveling again.. this time to Dubai. Mama went on saturday midnight, 15th Ramadhan. Mama will be gone for 6 days. Lucky Papa had brought Nekdah from JB to stay with  3DHS in our Jalan Polo Air house while Mama is away. We love this house (though it would be nicer if we could stay at our Golf Club house, but Mama had rented it out to one Mat Saleh from UK). Could sense that Papa doesn't like the fact that some white strangers are staying there, but Papa is understanding enough and goes along with Mama's idea (Mama is always with her financial planning).

While in Dubai, Mama went for house search as we will relocate to Dubai end of September' 2010. Mama shortlisted 3 villas, all with shared swimming pool in a gated compound. Mama also registered 3DHS at GEMS Wellington Primary School. Mama reserved Towers Rotana at Syeikh Zayed road for our temporary living for 2 weeks upon arriving in Dubai later.

Mama travelled economy this time (surprising...! as Mama always travel Business, and in style.. ). Funnily enough, when traveling Business, Mama is as good as a horse upon arrival. But when traveling Economy (with transit in Karachi between Dubai-KL), Mama had all the sickness i.e jetlag, migraine, stomach ache etc you name it.

Mama's absence is very much felt, though 3DHS should have accustomed to the fact that Mama is a career woman. Strange, Papa is traveling back and forth KL-JB and 3DHS are used to it. But not in Mama's case..

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