Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ahmedabad India

First time in India, and Ahmedabad pulak jadi introduction nye. Since I took a 4am flight from Dubai, had to be at the airport at 2am! Flight was full.... of Indians. The Ahmedabad Airport is spacious (byk ruang terbiar kosong) and quiet. Takde kedai2, cuma ada satu small  cafe selling "chai" (teh).  I used the toilet, and guess what? Ada cengkerik dalam International Airport!! punya lah kuat bunyi cengkerik tu mcm dalam hutan.

Q for immigration was longggg....

Nasib baik driver hotel dah tunggu. Terpampang sebesar2nya my name. Ada orang datang Airport pakai kain je you!.. and tak pakai selipar / kasut.! ayyo..

Currency dia namanya RUPEE (RS). 1 USD = 45 RS.

Company booked me at the most expensive hotel in Ahmedabad. Corporate rate is RS6800 / night. Man, that was expensive compared to our 5 star hotels in KL.. Hotel is part of TAJ Chain. In my heart I said, sure best.. mcm Taj Palace yang kena bomb kat Mumbai dulu tu. Tengok2, old fashion jugak...

Ada swimming pool, tapi burung merpati yang mandi pagi2..

Bila tengok luar tingkap hotel, banyak taik burung. And I saw banyaknya buffalos on the road.. berbondoi2 berjalan! And this is the telephone in the room hehe..

During one of the days, on the way back from Client's office in Ghandinagar, I asked my colleague to get driver to send us to see Ghandi's Ashram (rumah Ghandi la..). It is by the Sabarmathi River, very peaceful tpt dia. Ada museum Ghandi jugak.. byk gambar2 dia and sejarah hidup Ghandi pun byk.. interesting.

Simple nye hidup dia...

Ada jugak my colleagues, Rajesh & Doug brought me to their textile place called Garvi Gurjari (and for the record, it is situated at NR. TIMES OF INDIA, ASHRAM ROAD - sebab masa mula2 pergi tu sesat & tak jumpa after pusing2 around 45 minutes) but nothing much that interest me. So I bought few things like alas meja (RS1240), bags (RS 380) & (RS 245), baju Viya (RS 400). That's about it kot..

This is picture taken in front of hotel. My colleague Doug wanted the "mustach" as souvenir, tough luck! takkan dapat punye...

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