Friday, October 22, 2010

3DHS More Disciplined

Alhamdulillah... I could see the difference in my 3DHS. Papa kata Abang balik school, lepas tukar baju terus buat homework, even before lunch or do anything else. And he is very much motivated by football (he is now representing GWPS team for football). His next game will be against DESS (Dubai English Speaking School)on Oct 27.

Ni Abang tengah try new football socks and Adidas boot, Papa bought at Outlet Mall.

DekYa & Dede pun rajin read book and buat homework. Somehow something at GWPS works on them.. and of course berkat doa kami ,chewah! :)) Lepas DekYa dapat Principal's Excellence Award last week, Dede pula dapat compliments from Ms Shilton (Class Teacher 3C)..

Senyum pulak Dede.. mcm tau je Mama nak snap shot

Dekya mcm biasa la, lepas buat homework, it's Barbie & Ken time!..

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  1. good for u danial dpt gak wakil skola men football ea..hopefully impian abg nk jd prof footballer tercapai but dont forget ur study must come 1st k