Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome to Villa #10 Al Hala Complex

We moved in Villa #10 Al Hala Complex on Saturday, Oct 9. For the past 2 weeks, Papa has been veryyyyy busy ulang alik cari furniture for the house. He practically visited every furniture center here in Dubai. You name it, he's done it... from Pan Emirates, to Home Centre, Ikea, and many more.. Mama followed him to Pan Emirates last friday and we ended up spending 5 hours choosing the furniture there.

Anyway, this is our decent house. Given that our shipment from KL has not arrived, kira ok lah ni.. cuma we forgot the most important thing... the CURTAINS! so our neighbours could see us .. it is like living in a fish tank, tapi tak kisah la...everyone excited!

Ni pandangan dari luar Complex.. it is a compound of 16 villas. Neighbours are mostly from England, yang lain from France, Jordan, Palestine and Pakistan. Very friendly neighbourhood.. kita baru angkat2 barang, they have come to greet us and invite us to their "Morning Coffee" session. And Danial immediately dapat kawan baru, Oscar, neighbour sebelah from UK. 

Each villa is facing a shared compound and swimming pool.

Ni DekYa @ her room. DekYa and Dede share a room, Abang dah besar nak one room for himself..

Ok, the rest is a surprise for our guests.. tak sabar tunggu Mak Ayah Ateh & Busu to come over...

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  1. cantik nyer rumah angah,best sangt ade swimmng pool sume,xsbr nk ge dubai la,hehe...busu