Thursday, December 2, 2010

Activity Cuti Sempena UAE National Day

Today, Mama & Busu project Nasi Ayam lagi, labuje!..

While we were cooking, look at what each of 3DHS was doing..




We considered a few options for the weekend.. First, Oman trip by tour. To Musandam, just 3 hours from Dubai. Activity : Snorkeling, cruising by Dhow, fishing etc (AED 495 each) . Tapi 3DHS voted "NO"..
Then Mama suggested "Dubai Wonder Bus" (bas yg boleh jalan dalam air & on land) from Burjuman Shopping Mall. AED 140 each / 1.5 hours. Tapi Dede said : "Eleh, naik bas je pun sampai mahal mcm tu?"..
Third option : Fun Square @ Time Square ( Abang pulak tanak sbb ni untuk much smaller kids..)
4th Option : Dubai Wonderland Theme & Water Park (AED 100 each) but still 3DHS voted "NO" (maybe sbb pagi tu dah gi swimming kat pool depan villa.
Rupa2nya, 3DHS nak ajak gi tengok movie..! MEGAMIND

So we went to Emirates Mall. Unfortunately, only 3D show was available. Yg ni, tiketnya 50 Dirham sorang! ayyo... so expensive. So we decided to watch Harry Porter, but full house pulak.. So kita jalan2 @ EM.

Ni pic depan Toy Store..

Abang recky2 Ray Mysterio, tapi tak dapat..

Busu dapat free picture with Falcon..

We also went and check out the Ski Dubai .. looks cool, but we were not ready for it today. Maybe next time..

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