Wednesday, December 1, 2010

UAE National Day Celebration @ GWPS

In conjuction with UAE 39th National Day, GWPS celebrated it a day earlier. So Wed, Dec 1, was a non-uniform day and the children were to come to school dressed in one of the colors of the UAE Flag i.e either red, green, white or black to make a giant UAE flag during the assembly.

Last week Abg dah buy DisDasha (AED 149 per set! ayyo...) sbb Abg takes part in persembahan. Parents were not invited.. so. Mama cannot imagine mcm mana la rupa Abg pakai baju Arab tu, dengan kain lilit2 kepala nyanyi 2 lagu UAE..hehe!..

Anyway, mula2 Dede ajak shopping to buy baju for the National Day celebration. Tapi sebab Mama busy, Ma cari2 jumpa all black punya outfit for 3DHS...

This is DekYa, wearing her ESPRIT T-shirt, and black legging (style kan!)

Then, this is Abang wearing ESPRIT T-shirt jugak (alamak, tak nampak sbb Abg dah sarung GWPS sweater sbb sejukkkk...), and black jeans.. (on his bike, as usual, every morning before going to school. Abg skrg ride a bike je pagi2, dah tak jln2 kat pool sejak "Nenek Jahat" dr rumah No. 4 tu marah sbb bising..)

And this is Dina.. cutest, marvelous, pretty princess wearing xxxx's shirt & legging..

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