Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Principal Award_Excellent Dede!

I must say it was indeed a pleasant surprise when Dede conveyed the news when I called home on tue (15/3). Macam tak percaya sbb Dede is so manja @ home, but deep down my heart I was praying to God that it was true. Then when I arrived home that evening, it was indeed true! The Congratulations letter is real!.. I know Dede has been praying hard , and working hard for it. I always overhead her pray "Ya Allah, dapatlah ku Principal Award...Aminnnn".

The next morning, wed (16/3) was one the happiest day in Dede's life. Ma pun proud juga.. Mr Spaan asked Dede "Are you Mom & Dad here today"? yes, Dede said. Then Mr Spaan said "Mom, are you proud of Dina's achievement"? "yes, indeed, very proud", I said (while holding a viewcam)..

My proud and cheerful maripoca... well done Dede!

Unfortunately, Papa was not there to share the joy with us.. we missed you pa!


  1. congratz dede...pandai sangat..
    sory ateh lambat wish da lame xbukak 3dhs blog