Saturday, November 6, 2010

Abu Dhabi

On Sat Nov 6, we went to Abu Dhabi. Papa kata nak gi pagi2, tengok2 kul 12:30pm baru kuar rumah. It was an easy drive sebab highway all the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Luruuuss je... sampai 3DHS tertidur ternganga2 mulut Abang..

We arrived around 2pm, and guess what, Dede nak pee pee ! Pa stopped by the road side, and asked Dede to do her business there.. Dede pee pee sikit je sbb takut og nampak. Then Papa terpaksa cari jugak public toilet.

Ni our first picture in Abu Dhabi.. in front of public toilet.. hehe

Then, we went to Emirates Palace. Awesome! Especially the fountain infront of the Hotel..

And this picture was taken right in front of the Hotel..

 We also went inside the hotel. Very nice, even the toilet gave us a "wow".. cantik betul

Lepas tu kita pegi tengok Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace, not far from Emirates Palace Hotel. Ni tempat tinggal Sheikh Khalifa, Abu Dhabi Ruler. Tapi tengok from outside je la, security mcm very strict tak berani nak turun from kereta.

Next stop was supposed to be the Sheikh Zayed mosque, but unfortunately which ever way papa took, we could not reach it. Nampak dari jalan mcm dekat, tapi nak pegi berpusing2 sampai dah nak gelap.. sad. Tapi takpe lah, kesian Papa, dia takde GPS so tak jumpa this time. Insyallah next time we go cari again..

Anyway, this is the mosque we could only see from highway..

And while pusing2 cari Sheikh Zayed mosque, Abang got excited nampak this red Bumblebee ..

On the way back, Papa took us to Ferrari World on the YAS Island. It is next to ABu Dhabi F1 Circuit. Everything is expensive here. Nak buy Ferrari Camel soft toy sekor pun sampai 200DHS. Ada roller coaster macam best tapi ticket masuk (the price I mean) was one thing, the other thing was because masa tu dah mlm around 7:30pm, and we need to push back to Dubai sebab the next day 3DHS nak school...

And don't Abang look "cool" here? Maybe one day Abang will own a Ferrari... insyallah

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