Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hili Fun City

Finally for the Al Ain trip, we visited Hili FUn City.. 40DHS per person (used to be 15DHS je dulu2). Papa said this is the cheapest theme park in the UAE. This place is the first of its kind in the Gulf, first opened in  1985 (patutla nampak mcm dah lama ) but has been refurbished last year.

Kononnya this is the largest theme park in the Gulf, and is colloquially referred to as the 'Disneyland of the Middle East'. When we reached there, it was already 7:30pm. The park closed at 10pm, so we had a short 2.5 hours je nak try all the rides. Maybe this is the perfect allure for Danial, Dina and Dira, but for Mama I think it is below my expectations sbb tak byk attractions for adults. Overall, ok la. For the price is worth it kot.. walaupun byk juga attractions yg not inclusive in ticket price so hv to pay extra kalau nak main. The one I liked best is the 3D game.

Tapi Papa tidur masa naik roller coaster... syyy

Abang & Busu naik buaian... Abang pening

By the time sampai Dubai, it was almost 12 midnight. Although we were hungry sbb tak sempat dinner, we were too tired to even get out of the car when Papa made a stop at ZAINA Restaurant dekat rumah tu... so we just went home and had a good nite sleep, with sweet memories of the Al Ain trip that weekend.

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