Friday, November 12, 2010

Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort

On Nov 12, we explored Al Ain.. The place is in Abu Dhabi Emirate, about 150km from Dubai. We had lunch on the way, mkn Chicken & Mutton Briyani la mcm biasa. It took us some 1.5 hours to reach Al Ain. Dah ada GPS senang sikit cari tempat dia.

First destination : Al Ain Wildlife Part & Resort.  In a unique desert setting on the edge of Al Ain, a historic oasis settlement in the United Arab Emirates, the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort is a place for people to come and learn about arid land wildlife and conservation through vivid, first hand experience.

Ni at the entrance of the Park

Can you see the huge rhino at the background?...

Macam kat San Diego Zoo kan?..!

3DHS excited tengok all the animals..

Ni kat jalan masuk.. ada byk animals shape

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